We Specialize In High-yield Residential Property Investments

The vast knowledge and experience within our team and our relentless devotion to our investors ensure every home we plan, develop & sell is a direct reflection of the high standard of excellence associated with our name.


Why Invest In Real Estate?

Diversification • More Transparency • Greater Returns


 500+ Single Family Home Units | $150 Million Projected Asset Value

 This offering presents investors with an opportunity to participate in the development of 500+ single family home units within the Port Charlotte area. All lots are purchased and have infrastructure in place. Investors will have the opportunity to receive an double-digit annualized preferred return.

Port Charlotte, Florida

500+ Lots Purchased In Cash

Infrastructure In Place

Port Charlotte Home - Night

Outstanding Quality In Design, Development, Marketing & Sales

We pride ourselves on guaranteeing outstanding construction quality by controlling the entire process from design and development to sales and project management.  We take great pride in being excellent deal makers but more importantly, we take as much pride in being exceptional risk managers.