We take great pride in being excellent deal makers but more importantly, we take as much pride in being exceptional risk managers.


Inventory of homes have been the lowest they have been in years. Buyers are looking to purchase new homes, not dated re-sales.

There is a unique opportunity to purchase lots in developed areas to build spec and custom homes. Castle Capital homes was formed to take advantage of this opportunity. We have identified this and purchased single and multi-family lots in Southwest Florida. We will be expanding into Central Florida and other locales as we find land that meet our criteria.

Our Approach

We are constantly monitoring the real estate markets for Profitable investment opportunities.
Castle Capital  believes that its reputation, built over many years, combined with its extensive network of relationships provides us with a competitive advantage in many situations.
We target assets that provide its investors with stable,favorable current cash returns.
Our team aggressively manages the capital structure of a real estate investment, utilizing prudent leverage, obtaining financing on the best terms available in the market in order to provide transactions with increased downside protection.
Castle Capital only commits to investments that offer clear, realistic multiple exit strategies primarily through refinancing, sales to private investors, institutions or public REITs.  Castle Capital believes that a disciplined approach at the time of investment enables it to better assess exit alternatives as they arise.


  • Bulk Buying Power
  • Experience Building Partners
  • Target Specific Lots
  • Simple Exit Strategy (Build/Sell)
  • Vertical Construction Cost Only VS Unimproved, Full Development Costs

Proven Double-Digit ROI

Our proven investment strategy is to turn investor capital two or more times per year splitting double-digit ROI with the investor ranging from 20%-30%.