We Provide Commercial
Real Estate Advisory Solutions.

Castle Capital

Our emphasis on value, quality and comprehensive knowledge of the marketplace is critical to our success.

Castle Capital is focused on assisting high-quality businesses with barriers to entry. We partner with the businesses, helping them realize operational, financial and other improvements.

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Planning & Strategy

Insightful, strategic real estate expertise.

Castle Capital Advisory group provides customized solutions for operators and investors to enhance their decision-making process. The group’s independence, coupled with its deep knowledge built from a strong history analyzing capital markets and real estate across property sectors, provides clients with tailored solutions that address their specific needs.

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We serve investment owners of high-value single asset properties, large hotel portfolios and unique resort assets that wish to market their properties discreetly.


With vast experience and a global investment strategy, our team possesses a combination of local market expertise and the ability to leverage relationships into investment opportunities.

Land Development

There is no shortage of opportunity in the real estate industry as an investor. From investing in residential, multifamily, and commercial properties, the real estate industry offers scores of options investors can pursue.


Since no two assets and no two markets are the same, we apply a personalized, customized approach to our diverse portfolio that’s tailored to the property, ownership’s needs and local and regional markets.

Sales & Marketing

Our online digital marketing services can help you carry out a well thought out and approach that is flexible, budget conscious, and also encourages more engagement from your new potential visitors.