Our Approach

Our Approach: Detailed risk assessment and rigorous due diligence of every opportunity.

As process-oriented investors, we focus on the fundamentals of real estate investing. On the asset level, our investment strategies are specifically tailored and structured to deliver success irrespective of market conditions and economic cycles. Through a detailed risk assessment and rigorous due diligence of every opportunity, we implement a twin focus: physically modernizing properties while improving operations through new management and leasing initiatives. We utilize the most appropriate capital structures at acquisition, tailoring terms and durations to suit the specific need of each project — with a leverage target of 65% of total project costs. Our unfettered access to the capital markets and deep relationships with lenders and institutional investors, ensures that we achieve the lowest cost of capital available in the industry.

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Asset-Level Value Creation

We do not rely upon momentum-based strategies to drive returns. Rather, we focus on each project using a holistic assessment to understand each investment opportunity and risk profile. We derive profit from executing defensible yet flexible business plans — whether by turning around a distressed asset or repositioning a property.

Research-driven Investment Discipline

Real estate fundamentals, broad macroeconomic research and capital markets expertise are the cornerstones of our investment decisions. Armed with this data and our multi-cycle experience, we are experts in ascertaining and underwriting risk. By targeting investments across different property sectors and different geographies, we create highly diversified investment portfolios.

Focus on Leverage and Exit Strategies

Properly structuring and limiting leverage is critical to our success. We acquire high-quality, well-located assets that appeal to a wide range of buyers while emphasizing the importance of multiple exit strategies — including private one-off sales, portfolio sales within common asset classes and recapitalization.