Years of hands-on experience in our respective areas of expertise.

Castle Capital consultants have provided project support for a multitude of projects worldwide. Our consultants bring many years of hands-on experience in their respective areas of expertise and have provided a portfolio of professional services in construction management, CPM scheduling, program management, cost estimating, construction claims, and litigation support.

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Castle Capital

A strong framework of governance.

We are always working to maintain sound governance practices to ensure ongoing investor confidence. This involves a continual review of how evolving legislation, guidelines and best practices should be reflected in our approach.

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The highest level of commercial real estate services available through thoughtful, cooperative, and ethical practices.

Castle Capital provides real estate investment advisory and transaction services to an international group of clients. Our distinguished professionals specialize in multi-family, commercial, hospitality and land development opportunities. These advantages – strengths that reflect our accumulated decades of expertise and success – are part of the collaborative approach we apply in all circumstances: we fully analyze each investment and customize a client’s solution. This brand of insight and proven wisdom allows Castle Capital to execute investment objectives in any market environment.

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Apartment assets have become an important component of many investors’ real estate portfolios and have been our core business from the beginning. We have assembled one of the most capable and aggressive teams of multi-family specialists who consistently meet our client’s objectives whether acquiring new assets or re-positioning owned assets for successful marketing assignments.

We cultivate relationships which serve our client’s investment interests, not just for today but for the recurring business that evolves quite naturally when you exceed client’s expectations under increasingly challenging and changing market conditions.

Our associates monitor their sub-markets and communicate on a daily basis with colleagues and competitors in order to have access to the best market intelligence to assist our client’s investment decisions. We take ‘the long-term view’ in evaluating what strategies will produce the results that our client base demands, while maximizing revenues and minimizing risks.

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Castle Capital provides advisory services to owners and buyers of hotel and resort properties. We serve investment owners of high-value single asset properties, large hotel portfolios and unique resort assets that wish to market their properties discreetly. With an enviable client base of significant private equity funds and hospitality operators, we introduce your proposed transaction to the right sources with the ability to execute a prompt due diligence review and make timely decisions on a confidential basis to secure the maximum return of your invested asset base.

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Land Development

Every piece of land has a story to tell. At Castle Capital, our experience has taught us to listen to the land and to respect its spirit, individuality and beauty. It is possible to develop land with sensitivity and great care for its surroundings. In this way, we can create places for people that will be cherished for generations to come and investments with growth potential and lasting value. Our land development projects take into account aspects of daily life. Our work spans the development of major mixed-use developments, single-family communities, retail centers, commercial facilities, parks and other important community features.

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Castle Capital helps clients identify investments that best suit their needs, and provides support throughout all phases of the transaction, from initial viability studies through venture structuring and closing. Our strength lies in our ability to take a holistic approach by maintaining a focus on the long-term goal of each investment, instead of getting caught up in the immediate benefits. We relish the responsibility that our investors place in us to do the job right, and take full accountability for the performance of our properties. We look forward to advising you on your next venture.

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Sales & Marketing

Castle Capital can help you discover new digital marketing strategies using proven online marketing tactics that have worked for our clients for years. Our online digital marketing services can help you carry out a well thought out and approach that is flexible, budget conscious, and also encourages more engagement from your new potential visitors. We work with businesses that are launching, growing, or are established and need to be re-imagined.

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